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Flexible payment options now available

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What Clients Say About Us

Agnesia 13 1 copy
Agnesia Agrella Business Architect | Change Specialist

Retreats are an extremely competitive market and having somebody with so much experience guiding me through the planning process has been invaluable. It has helped me to really focus on two or three areas at a time. It assisted me to identify the most important tasks that will ensure success when I launch the retreats.

bwf persuader client 2 1
Joel Berger Retreat Venue Owner & Operator

I thank you for all your help throughout these years: your constant assistance and collaboration had a great impact on the growth of my company.

Dillon Randolph Physician assistant

I have made tremendous strides and steps forward. It's going to be so useful to take everything I learned and put into action.

Patricia Ward Wellness travel coach RetreatBoss graduate

Corinne Lebrun Transformation Catalyst & RetreatBoss graduate

Andrea T.

Thank you for a great course. By the end of session 1, it was clear that I need to do WAY more research on who I am serving in terms of where I can find them, how *they* would phrase their pain points and how to reach them. I now have more clarity on how to pursue that

Sara A.

I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed today's lesson. I liked that it made me think more about the experience before the retreat, which is also part of it- or where the transformation actually starts -. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge

Vince L.

I posted to FB , instagram and twitter. Loving the course! I am learning in RetreatBoss and Catherine Kontos’ Build Your Dream Retreat Masterclass!

Jennifer H.

Have learned so much already. Been in the travel industry 30+ years and looking forward to adding retreats to my business.

Beth F.

I just went through today’s videos and I’m so excited to get started!! I’ve found amazing value and it already got me thinking about my retreat, Catherine Kontos mentions about aligning your values with your retreat and who you let in, but my desperation to fill out my retreat gets the best of me. Does this happen to you too? I really never thought of it but I know that every time there are some guests that should have not been at my retreat. They felt off. Now I understand.

Carolina O.

I’ve been enjoying the lessons so much! Love How much it has made me think!! Thank you for this amazing masterclass.

Sarah H.

I'm just now processing my thoughts from last night's video. I really had to sit with everything because it was all so inspiring. I absolutely loved when you said, “there’s a reason you’re in this space because something happened to you. You are here to tell your story and create these micro changes” That resonated so much with me!!!

Denisse R.

Big shout out to Catherine Kontos! She gives huge value to her programs! Thank you!!

Corinne Lebrun

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share that I took the "Retreat Planning for Practitioners Course" and was really astounded by the amount of useful information.
In the past, I had put together three-day events and some retreats in the past and thought I already knew a lot. But, this course FAR exceeded my expectations because I learned about so many more things. For example - developing a target audience and even how to do that in a methodical and intelligent way (which I've found useful not only for a retreat business but for my education business as well), and how to really refine my unique offering. Just that alone is something people who have courses on teaching coaches to develop a coaching business will charge tens of thousands of dollars for. The information in this course is ALL practical, and there are step-by-step instructions on how to actually do things rather than just a concept.
I also learned about the details about how to develop the correct pricing, factoring in resort fees, hidden fees, and what's in an not in resort contracts; and just FAR too much to write here.
Also, I love how generous Catherine Kontos is with her time and the semi-weekly Q and A sessions where I was able to get really specific questions answered. So I am a BIG FAN!!
And I learned so much and feel like I want to integrate it all on an even deeper level, so I decided to take the Master Class this weekend too! And each lesson in Retreat Planning class has an extraordinary amount of depth, and for me, the process itself provided me with some inner transformation as well So for anyone who is planning on taking the full course, I am excited for you!

Patricia Ward

I hope you all are loving the master class. I’m a graduate of the Retreatboss program, and I just wanted to share my experience. I came into the program not knowing too much about retreats other than I wanted to offer them as part of my coaching package. This Retreatboss program taught me everything I needed to know to start planning my first retreat. Catherine’s mentorship and seminars were invaluable and now I’m excited to be helping plan An actual retreat.

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